Long-term concerns about programming as a business Jan 13, 2018

Being in the programming and technology sector comes with some unique concerns from the business angle.

Advertising & social signaling Jan 06, 2018

Do you think advertising convinces you?

I don’t.

Python list comprehension gotcha Jul 23, 2015

List comprehensions in Python are handy.

PostgreSQL text search May 09, 2015 Happened upon another good writeup on PostgreSQl’s excellent text search functionality. It details an actual use-case where speed is required, and how to extract that speed from PostgreSQL using indexes and a modified search function.
Text Adventure May 06, 2015

I’ve always been a fan of a good text adventure; this probably comes from my first computer gaming experience, Myst (not a text adventure, but a good puzzler

  • if you haven’t played, it’s on GOG, check it out). I’ve been entranced by Zork, but it’s rare to find a well-done text adventure like it.
6-2 News Apr 08, 2015 It was recently brought to my attention that the website I ran with Alvin Gao and Paul Conrady back in middle school is still around, in all its 90s glory. Feel free to check it out.
Bournegol Apr 08, 2015

The original Bourne shell, the ancestor to the Bourne-Again Shell (bash) was written in C.

Well, almost.

PostgreSQL basics Mar 26, 2015

I gave this talk at OSU’s Open Source Club on 2015-03-26.

A simple service status page in PHP Jan 11, 2015

I’ve recently added several services to my hobby VPS, including GitLab, Neo4J, and some custom-written Python stuff. I figured that it would become necessary for someone not logged in to the server to see the status of these particular processes, possibly for external monitoring purposes.

PostgreSQL materialized views, functions, and unrestorable dumps Jan 09, 2015

I recently had to upgrade a PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL 9.3 database to 9.4. In the process, it was decided that the server itself should be rebuilt and expanded. I accomplished the upgrade by dumping the data from the 9.3 installation (with pg_dumpall -c), transferring the file over SCP, and loading it into the new database with psql.

Unfortunately that wasn’t enough - psql kicked back an error: