Liquory is a webapp that I worked on over the course of a week and a half this summer with Claudius Mbemba. We produced it for the App Challenge.

Liquory logo

In essence, it allows you to search the inventory of liquor stores in your area and order from one or many of them. The kicker is that you can search by image - using your phone’s camera, or by uploading an image.

The project is written entirely in PHP and HTML. It consumes several APIs in order to do what it does - not least of which is CamFind, which takes an image and returns words which describe it. It also uses the Yelp API, Yummly, and Google Image Search, which each provide more information which we add to the listings.

I built the infrastructure for this project - it runs on my budget VPS. It runs on an old version of the LAMPP bundle, and sits behind my main (newer) version of Apache, which handles virtual hosts. It updates from the master branch of our shared GitHub repo every fifteen minutes.

I also created the logo (above), using GIMP.

Liquory came in second; see the other entries.

Edit 2015-03-12: Claudius has since improved the project - it can now be found on his VPS.